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The Do's and Dont's

Extension Etiquette

The DO’s and DONT’S of Tape-in hair extensions:



  • Invest in quality extensions
  • Choose a reputable salon for care for you and your extensions.
  • Use the correct recommended products.
  • Schedule a weekly conditioning treatment.
  • Brush your hair more often.
  • Avoid swimming or having a heavy workout for 24 hours after getting your extensions fitted.
  • Braid your hair before bed.
  • Apply heat protectors before heat styling
  • Always tie hair using scrunches or soft ties.
  • Use a good quality wet brush to gently detangle your hair.
  • You must apply hydrating conditioner after shampooing.


  • Never apply oils or conditioner on or above the bonding tapes.
  • DO NOT skip your maintenance appointment.
  • Never sleep with damp or wet hair
  • Avoid removing tape extensions yourself
  • Do not swim in chlorine or salt water as this will fade the colour of your extensions
  • Avoid sunscreen transfer from your body to your extensions, as this will discolour them.
  • Avoid tension on the hair while brushing and styling.
  • DO NOT lighten your hair extensions.