Step-by-Step Fitting Instructions

In the images below we take you through the steps involved to create a stunning look - in just 45 minutes - with the right expertise.


You have always wanted longer hair but your hair just seems to reach a certain length and that is it! No more. But with PureStrands Tape Hair Extensions you can change all than - quickly and easily!

Step 1

The first step is to match your hair as closely as possible. This is where it is good to either have a hair colour wheel or work with your salon who will have a range of hair in stock.

Step 2

Next your hair needs to be sectioned off – again, this is easier for your stylist rather than you!

Step 3

The extension should be attached about 1 cm (0.5 inch) from the hair roots, enabling the extensions to move freely without creating tension on the scalp. Making sure there is enough hair below and sides, so hair can be tied up.

Step 4

Lift the extension up and attach it with a clip. A natural amount of your own hair will follow attached to the adhesive gel.

Step 5

Take a second tape extension strip and press it firmly towards the underlying extension. The two extensions strips are now glued together with a part of your own hair in between them.

Step 6

Follow through each of the sections after you have completed the first row. The next row should be about 1 inch above and just work your way upwards.

Step 7

Repeat steps 1 to 5 placing the tape extensions side by side with a distance of about 1 cm (0.5 inch).

Step 8

Always check that you are not placing the extensions too far out on the sides making them visible. The extensions should always stay covered beneath your own hair.

Step 9

As you get closer to the face, you can cut the tape hair in half. Your hair is naturally finer around the hair line and the face and so more care needs to be taken to blend the tape hair in so that it does not show.

Step 10

Tape extensions will normally last 6-8 weeks. The tape extensions can be removed and re-taped for a second and third application.

Step 11

Style your hair to blend in your natural hair and the extensions. Stunning hair - only 45 minutes in expert hands!

The Result