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Frequently Asked Questions

We have included a lot of information on our website, which should answer most of your questions. However, we have included some of the more frequently asked questions below.

If you still have a question or want to discuss options with us, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Are PureStrands Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair?
    Yes PureStrands hair is 100% Human Remy hair. It is double drawn AAAAA Human Remy Hair – one of the very best grades and quality available.

  2. Where does your hair come from?
    All PureStrands Hair Extensions are made from Indian, Brazilian and European hair. The Indian Hair creates strength which helps the hair to last longer and the Brazilian European Hair creates the softness.

    If you are a salon owner and are still not sure about the different types of hair, ask PureStrands for a sample to see the differences. We are sure you won't be disappointed.

  3. Can I buy Direct from you?
    Yes but we recommend that you work with your local salon – check out our salon stockists or recommend your salon contacts us.

  4. Can PureStrands Human Hair Extensions Be Coloured?
    Yes - it is possible to colour your PureStrands Human Hair Extensions. If you decide to colour your hair extensions we highly recommend taking them to a salon and only using a semi colour on them (always lighter to darker never darker to lighter).

    We take absolutely NO responsibility for any damage caused by dying the hair extensions even if done professionally.

    We suggest you choose the colour that is closest to your natural hair so that the hair extensions "blend" with your natural hair colour.

    Refunds will not be offered for damage caused by colouring.

  5. Will you make a special colour or blend for me?
    Yes, we can usually produce any colour to suit your hair. However we need you to provide us with the right colours. Check out our colour chart page, or you can contact us, or one of our stockist salons for colour match.

  6. Can PureStrands Human Hair Extensions be styled?
    Yes – all our extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair so you can use a Hair Straighter, Curler or Hair Dryer on them.

    However, to ensure your Hair Extensions last longer always use a Heat Protector to ensure your Hair Extensions do not dry out due to excessive heat.

    Check out our Haircare Tips page.

  7. How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?
    Treat your Hair Extensions with care to ensure long hair extension wear. The better you care for them, the longer they will last.

    We recommend that you apply a moisturising treatment or almond oil mid lengths to ends, to your PureStrands Hair Extensions after every wear to ensure you maintain the hair's health.

    Check out our Haircare Tips page.

  8. How do I care for my Extensions?
    Please refer to our Care Instructions on our Haircare Page or book a consultation with one of our stockist salon outlets.

    We recommend that you use a moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner for your Hair Extensions.