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Hair Types

What Works for You?

It's important to understand what will work well for you. This is where we can help you to work out what hair type suits you. Humans are individuals and so our hair is just as individual, and so its really important you understand what hair type works best for you.

PureStrands has developed a broad range of products to enable you to find the best solution. These are based around different sources of real human hair. We have listed some of these below.

Indian hair extensions are selected by women who want a natural look. Real Indian hair is thick without being heavy and looks amazing. Although it is naturally straight it will go wavy after a few days and become even more wavy after washing, providing a great contrast.

Putting your hair up overnight will add to the waves, and you can take it back to straight if you blow-dry (with heat) or run irons through it.

However, if you want really straight hair, you should consider Malaysian or Mongolian hair.

Hard wearing Brazilian hair extensions are really great at withstanding the long term effects of heat and water.

Brazilian hair is very versatile and your can go for a sleek straight look or a very tropical spiral or curly look.

If you have fine hair then you should consider Malaysian, Russian/European and Mongolian hair extensions.

These are light and blend very well with the majority of European hair types and do not tend to kink or wave.

Russian hair extensions are a very popular choice for most European women, giving a close match to their own hair.

What Look Do you Want?

If you are after a full head of extensions to create volume and maximum impact, then you should really consider Indian or Brazilian hair extensions.

For fine hair to create additional body within to your own hair then Malaysian, Mongolian or Russian hair extensions are more suitable.

We have come a long way and today there are many more options available in hair extensions. Once you could only have them glued in (yuk!), or braided or sewn in!!!

Some people still prefer "old school" BUT now we have we have the more innovative techniques such as tape extensions, nano-beads, or quick clip ins, and these are gentle but effective options which suit a wide variety of requirements and different hair types.

When you consider hair extensions, application methods are important but so are hair texture and origin which determine how coarse, or fine, or thin the individual hair strands are, eg. Russian hair is renowned for its fine silky strands while Indian hair type are often more suited to people with coarse or thicker hair types.

If you have slightly-medium wavy hair, then the best solution is "wavy hair extensions" which blend much more naturally than "dead straight hair extensions".

By selecting the right hair type you will reduce the time you spend styling each day and if you are in a hurry then you should be able to just "wash and wear".

Or another time saver technique is to plat your extensions overnight which next day will produce a natural kink which should last all day.

A very straight hair extension texture works well if you have dead straight hair or if you prefer to wear you hair straight on a regular basis.

With the range we offer, we attempt to enable you to select the extension texture which is as close as possible to your natural hair to give you the best blend.

Get the Right Advice

To ensure your new look has the desired "wow-factor", you need the advice of our professional hair extension stockists who really know what works best. Their consultants will help you figure out what suits your hair type, lifestyle and finances best. And besides taking the risk out of your investment, this ensures that you minimise the risk of damaging your own hair and to make sure they last and you don't leave a trail of hair wherever you go!

Tape Hair Extensions are the best

No matter what type of hair you have, tape hair extensions are internationally recognised as one of the best hair extensions solutions. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is thin, short or just normal. PureStrands hair extensions will give you the length and volume you have always wanted.

You will see tape hair extensions at virtually every movie or TV award show, worn by celebrities, the hottest models and on women across the world. They are the most innovative and effective semi-permanent type of hair extensions that you'll find today.

Now it is time for you to join the rest of the fashion world and get the look you should have! Check out the options in the PureStrands Shop.